31 Day to a Bb – Status check – where am I up to?

Given I have been tardy with regards to the Challenge for the last fortnight, I thought I would just do a check as to where I am up to

Day 1 – Email a New Reader COMPLETE
Day 2 –
Run a ?First Time Reader Audit? on your Blog
Day 3 – Search for and Join a Forum COMPLETE
Day 4 –
Interlink Archived Posts COMPLETE
Day 5 – Conduct an ?About Page Audit? COMPLETE
Day 6 –
Email an Old Timer Reader COMPLETE
Day 7 –
Plan Your Next Week?s Posting Schedule COMPLETE
Day 8 – Comment on a Blog You?ve Never Commented On Before COMPLETE

Day 9 – Run an Advertising Audit On Your Blog
Day 10 – Declutter Your Sidebar COMPLETE
Day 11 –
Dig into Your Blog?s Statistics COMPLETE
Day 12 –
Introduce Yourself to another Blogger
Day 13 – Search for an Affiliate Program that Fits Your Blog
Day 14 – Analyze Your Blog?s Competition
Day 15 – Make Your Most Popular Posts Sticky
Day 16 – Create a Heatmap of Where Readers Click on Your Blog
Day 17 – Run a StumbleUpon Campaign for Your Blog
Day 18 – Create a Sneeze Page and Propel Readers Deep Within Your Blog
Day 19 – Respond to Comments on Your Blog COMPLETE
Day 20 – Run a Reader Survey
Day 21 – Make a Reader Famous
Day 22 – Catch New Readers Up on the Basics of your Blog
Day 23 – Go on a Dead Link Hunt COMPLETE
Day 24 – Do a Search Engine Optimization Audit
Day 25 – Go Shopping and Improve Your blog
Day 26 – Link Up to a Competitor
Day 27 – Find a Sponsor for Your Blog
Day 28 – What is Your Blog?s Mission Statement
Day 29 – Email a Blogger that Linked to You to Say Thanks
Day 30 – Explore a Social Media Site COMPLETE
Day 31 – Run a SWOT Analysis on Your Blog

Bloody hell – a bit of work to do then :(

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