Gadgets & Gizmos: choose your own technology adventure [Elluminate Session Resources]

Choose your own……………resources!

Please find below the resources I have:

a) used today for the session and:
b) some of the special “virtual” surprises for you (also noted in the documents) that we didn’t get to today!

I will update these in a few days (I need 24h to recover at least!) as there are some modifications I do need to make that I think would improve it.  The new documents will also contain full written instructions on how to use them.

I intend to do a blog post (probably next week sometime) on how I approached and developed this session.  Hopefully if you ever endeavor to do something similar, it might provide an idea of where you might start on YOUR own adventure of adventures!


Gadgets & Gizmos Plan_v1.1

[developed in Microsoft Word with SnagIt – this was one of my must have gadgets we didn’t look at – 7ish years of my personal lervvvvv and still going strong].

Gizmos & Gadgets Flow Map v1.1

[developed in Microsoft Visio – Organisational Hierarchy flowchart]

Gadgets Gizmos Presentation Slides_v1.1

Some linky goodness

A surprise from the Browser Adventure Pathway + extra!

Check my delicious account regularly for #etech10, I am still adding the resources!(I should have done this as I went! UGH!)

…..and where are the visuals Sue? Of course, on Flickr in a special set just for us! Many of these were done real time with the awesome SnagIt. Of course, some were prepared earlier too :D. More to come!

oops! almost forgot YouTube – again – more on the way – these are pretty rough and ready – but you get the idea, and you know the hashtag by now!

(although this really should all be in the session plan for you).

…and finally… a BIG thank you….

A big thanks to everyone to turning up in droves to the graveyard shift, and being the guinea pigs in a pretty out there style approach!

I would love to hear any suggestions for improvement you might have on the session, good, bad, ugly etc as this was its first ‘real’ play in the world!

Also, if you do something with it, let me know how it went.  I would LOVE to hear about it!Did you do anything differently? Tricks? Challenges?

Thanks once again for being so bloody awesome!! Now, I must go fade into a heap sans adrenaline &  caffeine!

Cheers Sue

twitterfountain: visualise your data differently

Making e-Technology work for You! 16- 17 June Online Conference

Gadgets & Gizmos: choose your own technology adventure

Using Twitterfountain to Visualise Real Time Data

As a part of my Gadgets & Gizmos presentation at the  Making e-Technology work for You! online conference, participants will participate in a “choose your own adventure” style hour of exploration, similar to those popular books of the 1980’s.

There is a significant amount of content in this presentation.  One adventure pathway of choice is that of Visualisation > Doing Data Differently that of looking at a variety of tools and devices the web has to offer is using, viewing & presenting data. One such tool is that of Twitterfountain.  Twitterfountain is a real time synthesizer of hashtags from Twitter and Flickr, which can be accessed via URL or embedding in a web page or blog such as this.  It creates a visual representation of what people are saying or loading live to the web (via Flickr) at any point in time about an event.

For the purposes of this exercise, the hashtag of the Making e-Technology work for You! conference is #etech10. Make sure you hashtag any of your tweets or Flickr pics from the two day conference with this tag to have them appear in the Twitterfountain below!