QR Code Chocolate Challenge for #ere2011 Participants!

Scan me!

What is it?

The QR Code Challenge is open to participants of the e-Learning a Realit-e conference last week (June 8 –10).  If you were brave enough to attend my Gadgets & Gizmos: Choose Your Own Technology Adventure – Part II presentation (the final session, Friday afternoon), I threw down the gauntlet to participants to continue their learning beyond the conference with a challenge……….that has a prize for the taking!

What you have to do

Step 1

Choose something that particularly interested you, or you learnt from the three-day conference  It may have been a topic of discussion, a technical issue, a presenter, a facilitator, a light bulb moment of some kind – what ever you wish!  

Step 2

Now to challenge the creative side of your brain! I promise, you really do have one – it’s just that some of you might have more dust on it than others!

You need to write a limerick about what you have selected from the three-day conference. You will be using this to insert into your QR code!

Step 3

Now for the fun part – you get to make your first QR code (well for many of you!)

Here are a variety of sites for you to choose from – there are many many more out there as well.  Make sure you generate your QR code as TEXT.




Go have a play and generate your QR code with your limerick!

Step 4

Now, export your limerick as a .jpg or .png file and save to your computer (make sure you remember where)!

Step 5

The easy bit is to now email it to me! Alternatively you can embed it in a comment reply below this post.  I can grab it from there!

Your final QR code is due to me by midnight (AWST) Tuesday 21 June 2011.

Step 6 (this is for Sue to do)

I will take the submitted codes and load to my flickr site (attributed correctly to the authors of course!).

What next?

From the submission close date (Tuesday 21 June 2011), there will be five working days (Wednesday 22 June – Tuesday 28 June) where people can visit my flickr to scan the QR codes and decide which one they like the best!  Over these same five days, voting will take place via a poll here on this blog.

Source: Chocolate Graphics

The QR code with the greatest number of votes will win the prize!  The winner will be announced via the Blog and Twitter on Wednesday 29 June, and I will also ask Jyothi & Jenny to forward the winner a notification via email as well (I will then of course need to make contact to arrange prize postage)!

Who is eligible to enter / vote?

Any registered participant of the e-Learning a Realit-e conference run by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (8-10 June, 2011) is eligible to submit a QR code to this challenge.

As voting is difficult to track / manage in terms of who/what/when/where, any reader of this blog is eligible to vote for the winner.

The carrot

Finally – that whole scanning thing……….

Many newer generation phones have a native barcode scanner inbuilt at purchase, particularly android based systems.  If you are an iphone user, visit the apps store and search for barcode scanner or QR scanner.  Nokia on the Symbian operating system will also have something you can download from the Ovi store (I had a great scanner on my Nokia E71 – try some of these).

If you are still struggling – hand your phone to a passing teenager or geeky work colleague to assist! Oh yes – I even made a hash tag for the QR Code Chocolate Challenge #QRCCC feel free to use it in your blog posts, tweets, flickr etc so we can see when you have posted!

One of the best ways to learn is hands on!  Good luck!

p.s. the prize is a lot larger than what that frog is chasing!