QR Code Chocolate Challenge Voting is Here (finally!)

The voting for the #ere2011 #QRCCC QR Code Chocolate Challenge entries is FINALLY here! My sincere apologies for the delay, as the winners were meant to be announced last week actually! EEP! I blame drowning in a tonne of work which I am sure most of you can relate to, as well as a curve ball thrown in by the ominous ash cloud saga that southern Australia was recently subjected to.

We only had four entries, which for those lucky participants, increases their opportunities of winning the rather large 350 g block of Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate!


What was the QR Code Chocolate Challenge?

Participants that were enrolled for the e-Learning a Realit-e conference (June 8 – 10) were eligible to participate in this competition. They had to choose a topic that particularly interested them, or that they learnt from the three-day conference and write a limerick about it.  The challenge was then to visit a QR code generation site on the web, and make (for many) their first QR code. They sent their QR code to me where I uploaded it to my Flickr site. These are the codes eligible for voting.

Where do we scan and read the submissions?

You can either visit my Flickr site directly and search my site for #QRCCC by tag OR you can scan and read here!  If the images are too small to scan, they can be clicked individually and you will be taken to a page where you can choose from an array of sizes for scanning for that image.

   Diana Taylor (@dianataylor)             Jo Hart (@johart)


Sandra Harman-Smith                    Suz Arnott (@suzi_q)


..and in the vein of all particularly tricky educators, I am going to ask you to actually use the barcode / QR code scanner on your mobile device to scan and read these. I will actually make available the text after the winner is announced (awww mean I know!). However it is an opportunity to keep applying our learning beyond the Gadgets & Gizmos: Choose Your Own Technology Adventure – Part II presentation Smile

Don’t know how do that scanning thing?

Many newer generation phones have a native barcode scanner inbuilt at purchase, particularly android based systems.  If you are an iphone user, visit the apps store and search for barcode scanner or QR scanner.  Nokia on the Symbian operating system will also have a native scanner, and if you don’t like it there is always something you can download from the Ovi store (I had a great scanner on my Nokia E71 – try some of these).  Have an Ericson? I am not so up with that, but it has been suggested to me (thank you twitter) that you try here http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-software/sony-ericsson/.  Still having probs? Here is some information about desktop QR coder readers…..who knew hey? Not me!

How do we vote?

In the sidebar of the blog on the right, the poll is now available for voting.  After voting you will be able to view the latest results


Who can vote?

Anyone, please spread the word! Tweet, Facebook it etc! Chocolate at stake here!

When will the results be announced?

(particularly since the dates have shifted!)

Tuesday 12th July

Voting closes Midnight Monday 11th July AWST (ie Perth time!)


good luck & thank you to those participants who entered!

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