day 02 – your least favourite song

the song choice

Oh this is a HARD one.  I have 2-3 that are pretty much neck and neck in the race for this

I will however be forced to rank them in order to choose the least favourite.

(3) three

The Proclaimers – “I’m gonna be”

I had the same English teacher between years 10 – 12. Great teacher. Learnt a lot. However he could be the missing Proclaimer triplet sans accent.  Every time I saw that video, I saw his bow tie, cardigans and those big glasses with the same hair cut.

Just HEARING that song makes me want to scream and run from the room. Makes my skin crawl.

(2) two

The Proclaimers – “500 miles”

See number (3)

(1) one

Whitney Houston “I will always love you”

Seriously. Stab my ear drums out with a frigging fork if I ever have to hear this song ever again! **shudder**

Another College/Uni days story I am afraid. 

I must have been in third year uni.  One of our second year students was studying medicine. And study she did – a veritable demon.  However once or twice a day she would turn on music in her room for an hour, LOUDLY

No one really minded as she did this at times most people were out.  However she had somewhat of a penchant for this particular song.

She played it on repeat for 60 minutes at a time, twice a day for about 2 monthsIf it wasn’t illegal I probably would have killed her to be honest.

Now, I know the original score was written by the most awesome of diva’s, Dolly Parton, and Whitney took the song to a whole other level – she really can sing. But OH MY GODDDDD! 

Now even the name Whitney Houston makes me want to run screaming from the room to put my head in a bucket of wet cement. And here I am, reduced by this meme, to putting it on my frigging blog! GAHHHH.

Alison Timms – this song is for you!

Wet cement anyone?

Stab my ear drums out with a fork please then put my head in a bucket of wet cement!


Tomorrows topic

day 3 – a song that makes you happy

day 01– your favourite song

the song choice

I always find this hard. I seem to vacillate on a semi-regular basis between a few of them. If push comes to shove though, we have the Guns’n’Roses classic, Sweet Child O’ Mine.

It always gets me on the dance floor in any state between sober and inebriated, and take me back to my College days (St Catherine’s College) at University (UWA), my friends and five years of university and college memories. 

the place and time – beginning’s

St Cat’s was the place that I officially “changed” my name from Suzanne to Sue.  Tired of mispronunciation for 18 years, I thought I would make it easier for the morons who can’t read or pronounce.  This was also a rebirth of sorts, shaking off the past and moving forward into life. College was the place I met my oldest friends to this day. Where I was finally able to be my crazy arse self and be accepted for it, and allowed to grow into the beginnings of who I am today.

I am still massively peeved I couldn’t find one single person in Perth who wanted to go this with me last year. Was SO gutted.

our all girl band – of which I was not one (to everyones relief!)

Our farewell Valedictorian dinner in my last year, a heap of the girls put together a “band”. Granted they could only play a few songs, of which this was one. Hence those few songs got a hammering over the course of the evening to over 100 screaming  young women in the College dining hall.  Not to mention dancing on the head table…… had to have lived there to understand the import of doing that. Smile

thanks and love

Yael, Lars, Mon, Nomes, Tam, Hudson and the rest of you crazy bints here, including my Freshers – yes you will always be my Freshers….these were the days when our whole lives stretched before us, rich with possibilities and paths not yet taken. Thank you for the memories, the life and the lessons my friends.

These were the days

Tomorrows topic

day 2 – my least favourite song…..where do I start? Smile with tongue out